OOH Advertising Can Change Your Business

Outdoor marketing is changing the physical, visible, tangible landscape we live in, transforming the look and fabric of cities.

But it’s also changing the media landscape and allowing brands to do all sorts of new things with cutting-edge technology, in the interface where consumers engage personally with brands. Discover the history of Padarn.

It is the simplest methods of advertising that will sometimes have the greatest impact; adverts on buses, taxi, airports and tubes make not get a lot of attention from people passing buy but they are noticed and remembered.

Advertise your brand with a leading media owner

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What’s the most effective form of ooh campaigns?

Bus advertisement is a popular choice when it comes to out of home displays as it reaches both pedestrians and those in vehicles, by producing both eyelevel and above street level advertisements.

Read why bus advertising is so advantageous. Click here.

Facts about bus advertising:

  • Total of 5.2 billion passengers use the bus in the UK every year
  • Bus is the most seen medium in town. 86% of consumers recall a bus ad they have seen.
  • They are ideal for retail advertisers as they give consumers ideas and drive impulse purchases
  • Buses’ mobility makes them effective for delivering maximum coverage of your intended audience
  • An average bus covers over 700 miles every week
  • Buses generate the ‘talk ability’ factor – Increasing reach & impact of campaign by expanding the message
  • Bus delivers huge standout and coverage in short space of time, perfect for driving big numbers for the opening weekends that are so vital for film clients.