Decorating Using Storage Items

The more common highlight of interior design has been the various accessories which are secondary additions. A primary essential such as a chair or table is common but secondary accessories are usually the highlight where expensive paintings grab international headlines owing to the affluent’s and wealthy individual’s spending habits. In fact, one of the common staples that have been in existence for a long time happens to be the wall unit.

Traditional American interior design styles have been known to pioneer this style where a major focus was on rare or expensive China sets that consisted of neat crockery and cutlery. This is one of the major styles that laid the foundation for modern wall storage styles.

Shelf Styles

There is a myriad of shelf styles and they are predominantly dependent on the purpose through which they serve. Take, for instance, shoe racks for shoes, a chest of drawers for clothes and garments, or vinyl storage for an avid music collector. Either way, in modern interior design trends, their positioning is of the utmost importance considering this has a direct bearing on just how unique or impressive space turns out. The best part is that you can alter and edit any of the default designs to suit your preference on our Tylko site ( where you can also download our utility app.


It is known to be a much smaller piece of furniture accessory compared to bookshelves mostly because a majority prefer them wall mounted. This means they are somewhat permanent and while determining the interior design style, you have to determine the layout around them. For instance, which items to place near them or how to paint the wall surface where they are fixed on.

A common style in most homes where the paint job is expansive yet plain with brighter colors such as white, a mixed style is preferred. Here, you can have some of the compartments fixed with doors while leaving some of the spaces open. An expert way of filling the space near the sideboard is to place a table and chair. This makes it an ideal spot for mid-day coffee breaks particularly when the sideboard is filled with magazines and other simple editorials. It is not the type of wall storage to keep encyclopedias but instead, the simple editorials make it a more cozy part of the house where you can even engage in banter with friends or use a laptop for less formal work. Having it with a shorter width is more ideal while a longer width fits better in a living room next to the couch area.

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